Sunday, May 17, 2009


I haven't got hold to the other pictures yet from my other committee members so I'll just post up the ones I have from my roommate's camera.

The HMFC (HELP Miniature Fight Club) was started by me last year, roughly during May, the official date was on the 31st of May, where we had the first C2AGE event. Our club booth was underestimated so we were put in a place where it isn't very promising.

So this year, we were repositioned, not by my choice, though I had to go along with it. The position of our booth wasn't that bad, I hoped it would be better though...

We invited Nahri, Jin Aan, Jai Vin and Zaki to help us, thanks to them our day was smoother and they helped us make the place more livelier. Everyone helped in running the casual games and taught some interested guests to play in the demo games...

We started the day by arranging all the miniatures I brought, since most of my committee members aren't painters, I'm the only one who has the most.

So I decided to take a huge family photo of all the miniatures I've painted. On the two tables here are miniatures that have been completed over the time of 1 year and 5 months. I have many more which are uncompleted or just not assembled.

The 2 Chaos Terminator Lords were set on the turn table. Since they were my best painted miniatures, I figured that they deserved to be on the little turn table to grab more attention.

This is Radin, he's our staff advisor and he used to work for GW when he was studying in Australia. Now he works in my college. He chose to paint on the day itself.

This was just for fun...

We had lots of visitors taking pictures at our booth.

Nahri's Fallen were used to create some dramatic effect. Who do you bet will win if you think the dice were to roll? Haha...

I still have to put the grass on the base... Keep forgetting to do it...

Jin Aan (seated) was having a game against Jai Vin, it was 1750 Grey Knights Vs 2000+ Space Marines. Reason of the point imbalance was mainly because the Grey Knights were using 3 Land Raiders. And it was just for fun anyway!

Boss Snikrot made an appearance!

These are my roommate's miniatures.

The next game was Zaki's Tyranids Vs Jin Aan's 3 Land Raider Grey Knights!

And after that, the camera man went MIA. Now I need to grab the photos from the other members. There were supposed to be photos of the Demo Games, I just have to get them.

Mission: To spread awareness of the hobby and game.
Status: Success..

"We will be ordering a huge pile of items for the club solely to run the Painting Tutorial, activities will start as soon as we receive our budget and purchase."


Friday, February 6, 2009


Welcome everyone, this blog is created for the purpose of sharing our events, adventures, exploits, con jobs, interests and of course, our passion to enjoy WarHammer 40,000 and WarHammer Fantasy.

May your squander of time and money be spent on this fantastically fun hobby of a life that trains not only your artistic side, strategical skills, impulsive decision making, argument skills and most of all, financial planning. :)

The HELP Miniature Fight Club was officially formed on the 31st of May 2008. Being the first of it's kind, we are a sole club dedicated to spreading the great game called WarHammer, be it in the far future of the time of little Dwarfs.

HELP is a University College, and it's not a pun intended as it stands for Higher Education Learning Program.

Together with all our passion towards the game, the committee have committed their time, money, and most of all effort to bring up the club to it's purpose.

With that said, I Alvin, as the first founder of the HMFC, will promise you an exceptional adventure in the world of miniatures. XD