Friday, February 6, 2009


Welcome everyone, this blog is created for the purpose of sharing our events, adventures, exploits, con jobs, interests and of course, our passion to enjoy WarHammer 40,000 and WarHammer Fantasy.

May your squander of time and money be spent on this fantastically fun hobby of a life that trains not only your artistic side, strategical skills, impulsive decision making, argument skills and most of all, financial planning. :)

The HELP Miniature Fight Club was officially formed on the 31st of May 2008. Being the first of it's kind, we are a sole club dedicated to spreading the great game called WarHammer, be it in the far future of the time of little Dwarfs.

HELP is a University College, and it's not a pun intended as it stands for Higher Education Learning Program.

Together with all our passion towards the game, the committee have committed their time, money, and most of all effort to bring up the club to it's purpose.

With that said, I Alvin, as the first founder of the HMFC, will promise you an exceptional adventure in the world of miniatures. XD